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Tania Carmona - Mexico to Glasgow to running the world! 5k to Grand Slam ultra's 1 step at a time.

Welcome back to folks and thanks for joining me on Episode 10 of the podcast! Today we are joined by Tania Carmona.....Tania decided to make the move from her native Mexico to Scotland 6 years ago taking up running as a way to see the country she now lives in and to meet you new people. However Tania's casual 5k's have now progressed to marathons, ultramarathons, a 100 mile and multi day endurance events in the across the desert! Tania tells us how she keeps going when times get tough, how she pushes herself to her physical and mental limits as a way of being thankful for the health that she has been gifted and how a male dominated sport she longs to be joined by many more female runners. We also discuss how Tania does not conform to the stereo typical ultra endurance athlete, she is also a strength and conditioning coach and incorporates heavy lifting and weights sessions to build muscle and bulletproof her body preventing injuries for stopping her in her tracks. Tania has now completed over 20 ultra marathons and has been featured in both Runners World and Esquire in recognition for her work in boosting female participation in ultra endurance events. Tania has hit rock bottom many times but she keeps on going and looking to 2024, she has just signed up to the Grand Slam of ultra endurance events running 5 self supported ultra marathons across some of the most challenging and unhospitable places on earth! Tania's enthusiasm and love for life is infectious, and her resilience strength and determination are incredible. Before the intro, if you enjoy the podcast then please remember to leave a 5 star review, visit the Remember Resilience Instagram page where you can view more footage of the guests and don't forgot, all podcasts are available on YouTube where you can watch the full interview

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