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Enjoy the journey, being FIT is not a destination, it's a lifestyle....and we are all in this journey together. 


I look at this photo and it makes me happy, last year's holiday I took no photos, this year I love being in them with my children. 

This holiday it's mindset working for me, found this the toughest phase so far, but so worth it X

-Macky, GetFit Transformation Team-


You really have changed my outlook on exercise permanently. I don't care about weight as much as a new challenge now! 


-Gai, GetFit Transformation Team-


Never posted a bikini pic before because I never thought any were good enough... 

Training with you has given me so much more self acceptance and belief. 

Has shown me that absolutely nothing is impossible with you put your mind to it! 

-Emma, GetFit Transformation team- 


My new lifestyle has impacted me and family for good. 


Love that my daughter is feeling  now inspired by me trainings and healthy habits. 


... so on holidays she demanded me to get her a workout outfit so she could train with me. 


Next day she was up and ready to go training with mummy at the hotel's gym.  

-Dulce, GetFit Transformation Team- 

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You inspired me to continue working out


Cheers from Snowdonia !  

-Paty, GetFit Transformation team- 

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-19 at 12.37.38 PM.jpeg

So I’ve done it My first run for many many many years!

Hip dysplasia really stopped me running! The impact on my hips were just too much!

With your help I’ve built my muscle strength back up and with much fear and trepidation I set off for a run!

30 mins later...and I can report...I’m still alive! I had a genuine fear of running...always choosing to bike....because of my hips!

Now I’m going to keep giving it a go! My leg is still attached... and I don’t feel any pain!

-Julie, GetFit OnDemand- 

Found a pic of myself 1 year ago today and seen such a difference!!! I was actually beginning to hate how I looked till I joined your class Tania and now I feel totally different and I feel healthy for the first time ever. 

Mentally and physically!!!

- Lauren , GetFit on the GREEN team- 


I have seen my body changed for furthermore I have created the habit to exercise,  I have challenged myself and dare to do what I never thought possible. 

I have seen a boost in energy and I am so in love with the journey. 

-Ana, GetFit OnDemand- 

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