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Meet Tania


Endurance Athlete

LV3 Personal Trainer & Certified Ultrarunning Coach

My journey as a personal trainer and endurance athlete began in 2016 when I was invited to run my first Spartan Race since then I've been always eager to explore the boundaries of my own capabilities.

As I grew into the sport, I realized that helping others achieve their fitness goals was my true calling. I embarked on a path of education and certification to become a personal trainer, gaining the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in people’s lives.

Coaching became my life’s work. I thrive in the opportunity to inspire and guide individuals to push past their limits, whether they are beginners or seasoned athletes. Witnessing their transformations, both physical and mental, it’s incredibly rewarding


My love for traveling and seeking new challenges led me to the world of ultramarathons. The idea of running distances that many deemed impossible intrigued me. I’ve dedicated myself to learning this new set of skills and embraced the exhilaration of pushing the boundaries of endurance.

I remember with love every grueling race that has define me and my life as an ultramarathoner. From the rugged terrains to the solitude of the long runs, to the heat of the deserts,  each step has been a testament to my determination and unwavering spirit.

I delve into the endurance mindset, sharing how it transcended running and seeped into every facet of my life. The lessons I learned on the trails, such as resilience and persistence, became invaluable tools in facing life’s challenges.

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As I reflect on my journey and the legacy I hope to leave behind. My love for coaching and running ultramarathons has touched countless lives, and I hope to inspire others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and achievement.

My passion for fitness and helping others remains unwavering. I look towards the future with excitement, knowing that there are still many miles to run and people to inspire.

I been able to work along and support great brands along with their community. Been featured in sports magazines like Runner's World and Esquire.

I hope to transmit to you this mindset, convincing you that the possibilities in the world of fitness and endurance are truly unlimited.


My journey in one of hard work and consistency, it’s a testament to the incredible potential within each of us.


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