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Being invited to participate in diverse podcasts around the globe and being able use this space to write personal reviews is a great opportunity for her to share her experiences, insights, and passion for ultrarunning with a wide audience. Podcasts are an excellent platform for athletes like Tania to connect with their fans, inspire others, and discuss various aspects of their journey, training, and the challenges they've overcome.

Tania can use these podcast appearances to not only showcase her achievements but also to promote the sport of ultrarunning, share training tips, and discuss the mental and physical aspects of long-distance running. Additionally, participating in podcasts from different regions allows her to connect with a diverse audience and potentially inspire individuals from various backgrounds.

It's also a chance for Tania to connect with other athletes, and contribute to the global running community. Podcasts provide a unique and intimate platform for sharing stories, and Tania's experiences can resonate with listeners who may be aspiring ultrarunners or simply interested in the world of endurance sports.

If you would like to connect with Tania, get in touch, filling the Contact Form below. 

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