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Get Custom Personal Training and Transformation 

All programs are personalised to suit and fit your lifestyle.

The training programs utilize high intensity workouts and various splits for fat loss. Emphasize muscle growth, strength and  improve fitness levels overall. Utilizing functional workouts, working on compound movements that let you focus on form without the added resistance.


You'll get stronger in movement patterns you use in everyday life, plus you'll work multiple joints and muscles at one time. These types of moves target your upper and lower body, along with your core, challenging muscles you don't always work with weights.

All the programmes are built with 3 P's: 

  • Personalization 

  • Periodization 

  • Progression


Working along with our certified nutritionist, any goals you have, we can create a plan for them. 


WILD starting to feel more comfortable with the uncomfortable, doing and achieving even your wildest goals and dreams.

POWERFUL not only physically, but mentally. Challenging yourself everyday strengthening and building a more resilient, stronger mind and body to tackle everyday life obstacles.

FREE and more comfortable on your own skin. Moving more and break free from old unhealthy habits

All Programs are based following our FWP obje to be: 

All programs are  created by Tania Carmona

 CIMPSA Level 3 Personal Trainer. 

Registered and Ensured. 

UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach 


Lululemon running Ambassador

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Runners World Magazine, April 2019

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Esquire Magazine, April 2019

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Runners World Magazine, June 2019

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Runners World Magazine, July 2019

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